Monday, November 24, 2008

Spotlight by Mutemath

Well, it seemed only suiting that I have yet another song off the Twilight soundtrack as my post's title!  I am unhealthily obsessed!  I've seen the movie twice!  Once on opening day at midnight, and another time same weekend, day later!  I loved it!  Apart from some 'iffy' writing and bad special effects, it was great!  Apparently they're "a go" for New Moon, the next book (soon to be movie) for the series!  I'm ecstatic about that.  Some people don't see what the issue is with these books, but I don't see what ISN'T the issue, they're amazing.  I've loved and continue to thoroughly enjoy them all.

Is this what single people blog about?  Guess so.

So, a bunch of us hardcore fans MADE shirts for the premiere of Twilight!  Two say 'Twilight' and the other two say 'Team Edward'.  It was Twilight week here in apartments 11 and 12 and we're proud of it!

The premiere of Twilight was so fun.  Of course, the waiting of months for it was horrible, but all completely worth it.  Here we are at the premiere.  If we look cold it's because we were!  We arrived at Edwards Cinemas (yes, Edward) in Idaho Falls around 6pm until they let us into the theater at 9:30pm only to wait about 3 more hours to see the movie at 12:01am!!!  Again, totally worth the wait.

Aside from my unforgettable Twilight experience I had another experience that also rings unforgettable in my book.  My trip to NYC at the beginning of November!  It was utterly amazing, I miss it!  The city is dirty and gross... but somehow still has this amazing essence about it, I can't wait to go back one day, one day soon I hope!  This is me in NYC, the lights from the LCD screens are so bright, that it looks like I'm attempting to move at the speed of light, not the best picture from my trip... but it makes me laugh:

I had JUST seen the broadway show 'Wicked'... so in my defense I think I was still a little giddy from that.  It was so good!  Cliche use of words, but I'm at a loss.

Ok, a better one.  The NYC cityscape behind me.  I loved this day.

Anyways... life has been good.  Can't complain.  Until next time.



  1. hey girl! I love blogging. It's my favorite. Welcome and know that I will read yours faithfully! Go twilight and unhealthy obsessions! woot.

  2. Love the t-shirts! Loved Wicked too! So far you are my token single blogger buddy. You are lucky to have a bunch of freinds to got with to Twilight. If I were to take anyone to Twilight I would probably have to go see Quantum of Solace 10 times as payment.