Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes, I know. It has been a while since my last post… I find it difficult to find something to “blog” about -- I don’t have much of an eventful life these days, just working as usual. I did, however, start taking a class at J’s Art Studio. I used to take a class there in high school with Darien. I’m working on an oil painting now and should be finishing that up on Monday. I went to the Incubus concert a while back and come Monday, I have plans to go to the U2 concert with Erin AND Muse (my favorite band) is opening for them, I’m more excited for Muse than I am for U2!

It has been pretty dreary and rainy here lately, good thing I love rainy weather and I love waking up to it most days. It’s pretty cold outside today and was earlier in the week, but yesterday it was, like, DEATH-muggy outside. Oh, it was horrible. I despise muggy weather, right when I walk outside I feel dirty. But it’s cooled off significantly since yesterday. I love the cold weather!

Random, but if you are looking for a new song to listen to, I’d recommend: “Magnificent” by U2

And I need some costume ideas for Halloween! Even though I’m not sure if I’m even doing anything for Halloween, but I’d still like to dress up! Happy Friday to all!


  1. Have fun at the concert! Chris (my husband) is really jealous of you.

  2. Enjoy your art class and your concerts! Sounds fun!

  3. The concert was great, I may have cried a little for Muse... but we won't discuss that, U2 was also amazing!!! :)