Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates + TT

Hello friends!  It's been 7-days since we've talked... I've missed you.  :)

I have a question for you... what do you call a mexican with a rubber toe?  (Read on to find out.)

Today commences the start of Week #3 for my Hip-Hop Abs workout regimen -- I'm following a 4-week calendar.  I got a little discouraged because my weightloss is fluctuating up/down, but I'm NOT going to give up.  I am seeing results... slowly but surely seems to be how it's going to go.  I'm not going to tell you how much I've lost because I'm afraid I'll jinx it... and by I'm not going to tell you, I mean, I'VE LOST 14 POUNDS.  Tomorrow it could be 12 or 10 or 8 lbs... but today it's 14... so, we're goin' with that!

My "baby" sister had her dance recital Sunday -- pictures to come.  She was absolutely beautiful, she is so talented!

Yesterday, Melanie and the kids came over for our weekly dip in the pool.  It's the day I look forward to every week and it's my day off from my workout (6 days on... 1 day off) & Claire is out of school now, so my Mondays aren't so boring!

Did anyone buy the Eclipse soundtrack?  It's got some weird tunes, but so the did the first & second soundtracks and I love them!  I'm already loving it... more & more!  Download this: Neutron Star Collision by MUSE.  It's lovely, and I already know I'm biased... it's MUSE, helloooo?!! :D

... and what is TT?... Thrifty Tuesday, duh!  But to your dismay, TT is canceled this week.  Hopefully, I'm not breaking any hearts, but it may become a monthly thing instead of weekly.  (See how fast I get bored with things?)

Design blog updates:  I posted a FREEBIE (or two) on my design blog.  See 'em here.

And in answer to my question (see beginning of this post if you've already forgotten...):  ROBERTO!  Baaahhhahahahaa.  Thank you my Smila for reminding me of the best joke ever... and no harm meant towards any hispanic/latino/mexican persons!  Anyways... ADIOS amigos!



  1. Wow, 14 pounds is a bunch! Congrats and keep it up girl.

  2. haha i love the joke and way to go on the work out!

  3. Way to go on your weight loss, that is awesome! Love the joke!