Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April updates:

From time to time I find it necessary to blog on my ‘Myspace’ usually about things I’ve been frustrated with lately, but my last blog was about how happy I am right now! I love life, I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Even when I’ve been weak and made poor choices, I still just can’t bring myself to feel any bit of regret. My trials are there to build me up and help me learn life-lessons and without them, well I’d be really boring, but I feel like without them I’d be lost. Ok, enough of the “deep” stuff.

Here’s a little update on my life right now.

Recently I booked a trip to the beach! It’s going to be maaahvelous! Don’t plan on reaching me between May 17th and May 21st because I’ll be laying on the beach from morning til dusk EVERYDAY and not worrying about anything. And I cannot wait! I’m going with one of my good friends Matt, from high school. He’s like a brother, some may say sister. ;) So mark your calendars with between those dates, Caiti will be in SOUTH PADRE, TX! 33 days! Here we are:

On March 31st I had the most amazing opportunity to go see one of my favorite musical artists, the famous Ms. BRITNEY SPEARS! It was really an unforgettable experience. She gave a great performance. Britney is back, y’all! I know all you parents are cringing… but she really is a talented girl. Troubled? Yes, but who isn’t a little troubled from time to time? Here’s a couple pictures:

Speaking of concerts, I was at work yesterday and my friend Phillip… ‘Phil’ called me while I was at work. That’s a rare thing, so I answered. He gave me some of the greatest news ever – MUSE, my favorite band, is coming to Dallas, Texas on October 12th at the NEW Cowboy’s stadium. The one unfortunate thing is that they’re not the main performer; they’re the opening act for U2… a band that only ranks mediocre in my books. The only reason I think we’re even floating the idea of shelling out the “Benjamin Franklins” is because Muse is a European originating band and a concert in the United States is rare. I’m pretty much excited. Check out some of their music down below if you’re interested… it’s an acquired taste, but they’re addicting once you listen to the words and learn to embrace their awesome-ness! Enjoy. (:

Not much else going on. These are just the shallow activities I’m enjoying in my life right now and I’m loving it! Everyone have an amazing week!

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