Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Austin City Limits

This past weekend, I went to Austin to visit a couple of my friends, and to see some of Austin – well, as much site seeing as you can do in less than 48 hours! I went to see my friends Darien and Christine. It was great seeing them, but it was SO hot outside! Swam at Barton Springs and drove by Lake Travis. Lake Travis had the BLUEST water I’ve ever seen in a lake! It was beautiful, sad to say I couldn’t get a picture of it. Guess I’ll have to go back one day! Here is a picture of Darien and I:

Sad to hear about Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed Mcmahon, and Billy Mayes. REALLY sad that Michael’s death totally overshadowed Farrah’s. Anyways, as soon as I heard the news of Michael’s death, I popped in my MJ’s greatest hits cd… and I’ve been listening since. What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? I think right now, I’d have to say Rock With You is my favorite.
Anyways... I'm praying it's just my allergies, but I've developed a cough, scratchy throat and body aches overnight. I tell you because I know you wanted to know.
This Thursday marks the first day I start saving for my digital SLR camera I've been wanting. Haven't picked one out quite yet, but I will be picking one out any day now!
I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July! I'll be working, making triple time since it's a holiday! :) Wooo-hoo! Ok, people, until next time!


  1. Okay, I had a mini crush on Michael Jackson when I was ten and was listening to ABC. I think the crush would have been mutual had we ever met. I really think he wa singing to me with his song Dancin' Machine(ooh baby).

    I hope you aren't coming down with Swine Flu. A flu in the summer is really miserable.

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip! Our favorite MJ song is probably Thriller.

  3. I think I've recovered from my almost "Swine". I think it was just a 48-hour bug... now I just have an attractive hacking cough! But besides the cough I feel SO much better.