Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

How amazing is the fall season? It's beautiful, and I love it! The trees are so picturesque... sure wish I had that SLR camera now! All in due time! :)

For the first time in three years I was here in Dallas for Thanksgiving... and I had to freaking WORK?!! Blimey, I know! lol so, this Sunday we're having my family's Thanksgiving instead and the missionaries are coming. I'm excited... mostly for the food (and of course, to spend time with the famdamily)! AND for the first time in the last two years, I didn't go Black Friday shopping, I feel kind of empty not having spent money on $2 movies and board-games at Walmart, like I dud the last two years in Pocatello with Sarah & her family. It's been a little weird spending Thanksgiving with my family this year, I know that's odd. lol

Now that they've already been sent out, I don't feel bad posting this, these are the wedding invites I did for miss Aly! :) It was fun doing them; being that it's the profession I have chosen, I guess that's good thing!

Well, not much else to update on! It's been a fun week seeing old friends coming home from school and such. I've missed them greatly! Here's a few pictures to distract you because I'm running out of things to say:

Being awesome at Alex's casa! :)
...Smatt and I, after the group "Lobo" event... the La Bo... the DEN!

I think it's funny the foreground (Matt & I) are blurry, but our friends in the back are perfectly clear, 30 feet away! lol PS-Matt's face in this, PRICELESS!

Aaanyways, current song obsession: ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC, thank you, 103.7 KVIL for playing Christmas music REALLY early this year! I loooove it! :)

Ok bye now!

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