Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adventure: Cupcake

Wellllll, for my Valentine's gift to my true loves, my family, I decided to go get them a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes. Drove to Preston & Northwest Highway to get there, got a little turned around, but so far so good. Having never had them myself I decided this would be the perfect treat for all of us... I got to Sprinkles, uhhhh, the line was out the door and WRAPPED AROUND THE BUILDING. I love my family, but I don't love them enough to stand in that line (ok, I do, but I'm lazy -- shocker).

My surprise was ruined.

I headed back north on Preston and was stumped as to what I could now get them, but as I'm sitting at the light at Preston and Royal, I glance to my right and find my solution, the cutest little bakery named 'Nothing Bundt Cakes'. (Punny, right? Ha!) At this point, anything cake-y would have sufficed. So I walk in, greeted by the cutest girl in the cutest little apron. She showed me what they had to offer and immediately I was sold.

In honor of V-Day, I got the red velvet.

LET ME TELL YOU -- best bundt cake ever.

Love me some good cake & I really love me some good cake packaging. Definitely worth a visit, I got a big one, but they sell little tiny ones about two inches big, I think they were called "Bundtzies".



  1. i wanna be in your family!

  2. When you get that cake craving you just gotta do something about it. It looks really good.

  3. Red Velvet cake is one of our family favorites! It looked yummy. Glad you had a nice Valentines we did too.