Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sorry, I've been out of touch for a while.

Mini-updates & some of my ramblings:
+ Still self promoting? Always. Sorry if it's a bother, but I gotta get jumpin' on the bandwagon! Click me.
+ Defeated: stomach flu
+ Undefeated & unrelated to the stomach flu I had a month ago: the worst hacking cough I've ever had... ever :/
+ Countdowns/looking-forward-to's: South Padre 2010 - 30 days and Eclipse the movie - 74 days, anyone catching a midnight showing? You know I am!! (:
+ Class? About 3-ish weeks left of my class... ready to be done with this class (but loving it still!)
+ Final book project: after 30ish hours working on this book project and I'm DONE! See front cover pictured below. If you want to see the actual pages, lemme know, the book will be delivered in the next 3 weeks or so! I'm excited.
+ Currently reading: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks... haven't seen the movie yet though. lol I didn't want to at first, but I changed my mind.
+ Currently doing: bloggin', petting lap cat Puddy, watching Two Weeks Notice
+ Sadness: American Idol spoiler alert if you have missed some episodes / don't read on... I CAN'T BELIEVE ANDREW GARCIA GOT VOTED OFF. Devastation... seriously America? TIM URBAN... aka zero talent, however, what Ryan Seacrest called him: Tirban = Tim Urban combined... that was FUNNY! :)

Here's the cover of my book as promised.

It's a collection of my pictures I've taken throughout this semester. We had the option of creating a book with at least 15 chosen images OR 15 images mounted on matte board. I chose a book. The creative process was completely up to us. I renamed it about 5 times... but finally decided on "eclectic:" because of the how random the pictures were and how "eclectic" my style of music is. It's pages of pictures and music lyrics from some of my favorite songs & artists, all photos by me!

Not much else. Sorry it's been so long, don't wanna disappoint! :) Hope everyone is well and dandy!

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  1. i want to see the pictures of your book for sure!!!!