Thursday, May 13, 2010

This time next week...

I sit here at work (JOY!)... surfing blogs, checking email, fixing my photo-design blog as best I can, listening to my Pandora radio station, basically doing anything to pass the time...

I'm super bored.

(If that wasn't clear.)

Tidbit: If you don't know much about Pandora. It's awesome. You start with a song name or a band/artist you like and it plays all tunes that are similar in that genre.

So I'm sitting here... time is passing oh-so-slowly, and 'Paradise City' comes on by Guns N' Roses setting me at ease that this time next week, I'll be sitting here again... my very own paradise. INSTEAD of at work, thank you vacation time...

Photo? Compliments of last year's trip.
And if you're feeling extra kind, please pray the thunderstorms away from my 5-day oasis... per, t-storms all week. Ay-yi-yi. On an optimistic note, it's still going to be great to get away (from work, mainly).

Other update: Class is over for the semester! It's a bittersweet feeling.

Also, I'm available for photo AND design booking. Need an invitation or logo designed? Time to re-do family portraits? Still need graduation portraits done? Reach me here. Sorry, for the on-going plug.

If I can, I'll make a post from our 2nd Annual Padre Excursion... especially if it rains, I'll need something to do.

Hope you're all well... and who's ready for the weather to figure out it's time to be summer already?


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  1. I am so glad you are taking another Padre excursion. The good thing about rain in Texas at this time of year is that it comes and goes, it is not a constant, cold slogging rain. And in Padre it wont even be muddy with all of the sand. You will have a great time! Have fun for me. I will be here in Dallas, drudging through my days.