Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh, man... Eclipse...

I don't know what it is about Twilight... and all things Twilight related, but I am again obsessed with it!  lol It's totally nerdy, but dang, I LOVE it and I'm not ashamed to admit it... obviously.

What did you guys think about the movie?  What was your favorite part?  (And if you haven't seen it - call me... right now... WE'RE GOING!)  Seriously... lol already seen it twice and many more times to come! :)


My favorite part?  The REAL proposal scene (depicted above, you're welcome).  I cried both times I went to see it... such a sap, I know... I thought it was just perfect.  Gosh, Robert Pattinson sure can act... well, I'm sure a lot of crazy people disagree with that, so let me rephrase... Robert Pattinson sure can "woo" an audience, especially me.  Second favorite part?  That'd be when the Cullen clan & the wolves are "training" to fight the newborn army... Alice & Jasper, TOO cute!  And who thought Jasper got a little bit cuter when his Texan side came out?  Ow-ow! lol

I was impressed with the actors and the movie as a whole!  The music grew on me as did the first two soundtracks... it was strange at first, but now each song fits perfectly with the scenes they're in - so you already know my current favorite CD!

Anyways, I'm always - I mean ALWAYS up for a Twilight discussion. So let me know what you thought about it!!


  1. I also love all things Twilight! Alyse just doesn't get it, she refused to see the movie with me, Annie,and my husband. I went and saw it again with one of my other daughters. I love it!