Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Electric Feel

Hello peoples!  Who is LOVING this sunny summer weather?  I can't get enough.

Not much to update on, hence, the long while it has been since my last blog post.

New blog song: MGMT's "Electric Feel" ... it is grand.

So, take a few minutes to yourself and just dance, soak up the sun, drive with your windows down today;   Live in the summer moments -- they only come once a year!

And with that, I want to know what your favorite summer song is... or your favorites.  I like to make seasonal song mixes, actually, I like to make song mixes frequently anyways, but this is an excuse to make a new mix, so tell me: what are you favorite summer songs?

Happy Wednesday... 2nd day of my work week and I'm so very ready for it to be the weekend!

Until next time. :)


  1. Swing Swing Swing from the table side!!!

    KK I just had a flash back of us singing All my life in your car!! The remix one!! oh man good times.


  2. I'm gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up...
    by Sheryl Crow. I am probably one of the only people around not complaining about the heat. I am finally warm enough.

  3. go do - jonsi

    it's so good. perfect for your car, as loud as you can play it

  4. Yes! I love that cd. I love the whole Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix cd by Phoenix for summer. So nice

    I bet you've already heard it, but its my summer cd for last year

  5. If you are looking for new music, Tokyo Police Club is very good. I love their album, Champ. Maybe Rogue Wave's new cd too