Friday, August 13, 2010

"Friday the guess who's playin' Freddy?" lol

Well, it has been a jolly-long time!

I've been busy-busy-busy doing some stuff to list on my store, felt flower hair clips (or for your blouse!) & felt cupcakes; things you should all get excited for... SO, stay tuned here, if you're interested, and here is your exclusive sneak preview of things to come from my new Etsy store.

Custom items can be made (you pick: colors, sizes, etc. etc.).  And new items will be listed fairly frequently!

That's about all I have to update on today. 

Matt comes in town for an ENTIRE WEEK.  I'm ecstatic to see him!  We've got an exciting weekend planned... well, semi-planned... anyways, I've been feeling a little down-in-the-dumps lately, so it'll be nice to just be goofy (well, more goofy than I already am, HA!).

On another note, ALEX IS PREGNANT!  I'm so excited for her!  And, fingers crossed, I'm hoping for a little NIECE!  lol.. but for real, I hope she has a girl, I know many are hoping for a boy... not me.  (Of course, I'd be happy with either!)

That's all I know today, talk to ya later! <3


  1. haha I love you and miss you!!!!!

  2. your blog is cute. i like. and i miss our twilight talks. keep on rockin.