Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Padre, Weight Watchers, LOST - shenanigans!

As usual, I'm way overdue for a blog update -AND- as usual, it's because I have nothing to say. lol... one day I'll have an amazing story to tell you, but that day is NOT today unfortunately.  [I'm sure that really makes you want to keep reading, yes?]

I have only 4 days until my 3rd Annual Excursion to South Padre Island, but I've been giddy about it for the last 46 days when I started my countdown.  Can't wait to be here, laying under the sun with this glorious view:

And as an added bonus, I'll be back to TAN-fat. lol, hallelujah!  I love the beach... and I'm definitely ready for this bipolar Dallas weather to stop.  Bring on the sunshiney Summer!

In other updates, a couple days ago I began month 2 of my workout routine that I started up again.  Lost 10-ish pounds month 1, totalling my weight loss at 57 pounds!  My goal is a long ways away, BUT with a lot of hard work and lifestyle changes, I know I'll get there in time... and I can't wait!  :)    [Oh, and Weight Watchers is awesome.  About 20 of those 57 lbs. are from the help of WW... I'd highly recommend it.]

I also finished watching Lost.  OH MY GOSH, I'm obsessed.  Well, I was.  I'm still a big fan and I was semi-devastated when I finished, it's about all I did between work/eating/sleeping for a bout a month.  [I know, nerd alert!]  For those who haven't watched it and plan to - DON'T READ ON, you've been warned.

  • Anything and everything Desmond Hume... he can be my constant anytime! lol
  • The death of Anthony Cooper...for the sake of James -AND- for Locke
  • The golf course... and what a great picture of Hugo & Charlie - bromancers, lol
  • When Jin, Hugo, Charlie, and James found and rode around in the van, good times
  • The reuniting of Rose and Bernard, I loved Rose's faith that he was still alive
  • John Locke... I LOVED HIM (most of the time)...
  • The LONG awaited reuniting of Jin and Sun... I bawled... BAWLED, of course then they died, but I loved that they could go together...beautiful... I'm gonna cry again...
  • Sawyer... especially Sawyer reading a book... whew... now THAT is a beautiful thing
  • Charlie and Claire's imaginary peanut butter, way to be great, Charlie... way to be 

  • The pain and suffering of Sayid...first Shannon, then Nadia... ugh, poor thing
  • Anything and everything Benjamin Linus, what a disgusting person, the ONLY time I sort-of liked him was in season 6, the non-crash-world flashbacks, when he wasn't completely terrible
  • I didn't really care for the Jacob was a tad strange
  • One of the moments I did not like Locke - the creeper orange smile...but it was before we knew him
  • Juliet's death.... and then Juliet's death... wahhhh
  • I wasn't a fan of Kate's character, LOVED Jack, but did not like Jack & Kate, LOVED Sawyer, but did not like Sawyer & Kate.  She just seemed so full of all the typical female cliches and she just really frustrated me at times, ugh moving on
  • It's safe to assume I wasn't a fan when anyone important (and good) died... there were a few I really didn't like - like Libby... Ana Lucia, eh, I can live without her... but Libby's death was uncalled for!  Let's go back in time and re-write that one
  • OH MY GOSH - I probably cried the most at this moment, when they left Jin on the freighter and Sun is screaming... and it was just a terrible moment... made for great TV though
  • Lastly... the entire story of Nikki (I think that was her name) and Paolo... with the diamonds... it was stupid and unnecessary
Of course, I could go on & on about everything... I barely even touched everything I wanted to talk about, lol, see I told you, BIG nerd alert.  Ok, let the 'Lost' discussion begin; what did you think about the ending (I LOVED IT!!!), what were your favorite/least favorites characters and moments?...  Let's talk.


Ok, phase out 'Lost'... phase in reality.  I probably won't post again until after my Padre trip next week.  Get excited for me!  And for some photos from my vacay.  Lovies!


  1. Favorite moment- Anytime Sawyer took off his shirt.
    Worst Moments-Watching Jack crash and burn into alcoholism after the rescue.
    Change of Heart-At first I hated Juliet but changed my mind after she hooked up with Sawyer.
    Least favorite Character- Benjamin Linus. I was with Sayid. Kill him while he is too young to screw up everyones' lives.
    Still unsure about the black smoke and the purpose of that.
    Hated the Nikki/Paulo episode.
    But I am not a Lost Nerd. I am a Lost Fanatic. That was some great TV for 6 years.

  2. Oh, and congrats on 57 pounds down! Wow. That is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip to Padre.