Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello July

I'm greeting the new month with a blog post.  'Cause I'm clearly the best blogger and like to update you so very often... hope you've sensed the sarcasm because I'm definitely the worst blogger ever!

Last time we talked, I was in a Lost dream state and I mentioned that'd I'd be sitting on the beach shortly there after.  Well, dream state over.. and beach trip over.  Here's some documentation of the best week of this year... because I didn't have to work, duh:

Matt and I // the night we arrived ]

Just me // the night we arrived ]

Jellyfish // needless to say, we didn't get in this year ]

[ The Beach // view from sitting on the beach, ah, I miss this ]

@ Amberjack Grill // view from dinner one night ]

Matt // @ dinner, he yelled at me right after this for taking too long to take the pic ]

@ Amberjack // my yummy, delish Salmon dinner ]

My babies // the seashells I made Matt go collect with me EVERYDAY ]

Matt and I // getting ready for dinner...keeping it classy as usual ]

Me // @Amberjack Grill... rockin' the floral, duh! ]

I can't wait until next years trip!!!***

So, now I have Harry Potter to look forward to mid-month [hence, the new header... love me some Harry Potter!].  I'm taking Claire and her friend Corkie to see this last one... midnight showing -- whoop, whoop!  Can't wait.  What has been your favorite Harry Potter movie so far?  I know... it's hard to just pick one.

Soooo, I guess I shouldn't delay the preparation of my Sunbeams lesson for tomorrow any longer... lol,  and I promise not to let another month slip by without an update!

...and a Happy 4th of July to everyone... 'cause baby you're a fiiiiirewooorkkk, um, ok bye.

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  1. Caiti! YOu are sO Beautiful! I am glad you got to play on the beach, if you ever want to come play on the Florida beaches, you have somewhere to stay, k? And I love your photography, can you teach me? Please? ♥ Happy Summer, lovely!