Friday, April 6, 2012

the new love of my life...

I should probably say hello, and apologize [like always] for failing to blog more often, but I've so many things to tell you about.

I blame Pinterest for my temporary blogging hiatus [well, and my computer is broken, boooooo!].  Pinterest is the new love of my life, sorry Mr. Duncan [the boyfriend].  It has taken over my computer life and is basically the only thing I do or go to online anymore.  I love it.  [Follow me and we'll pin our faces off together!]  I even got my mom to sign up for it, even though she's only pinning pictures of Brad Pitt - but hey, ain't no shame! [Love yewwww, mommy!]

My list of justifiable reasons why Pinterest is not and will never be a waste of time:

Pinterest can always put a smile on your face:

Pinterest taught me how to make the best enchiladas [<-- recipe!] I've ever put in my mouth-hole.  I make them almost** weekly. Mr. Duncan can also attest they are delish, and my best friend Melanie would probably agree, she's made them as well and her kids wanted seconds.  Sounds like a successful dish to me... just sayin'.

Pinterest inspires my artsy side, like, to-the-max.  I get photography ideas, typography ideas, home/apartment decorating ideas, illustration ideas, DIY craft galore ideas.  Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Pinterest improves my sense of fashion.  More ideas.

Pinterest fulfills my floral obsession in so many ways.

...ok, if you're still reading all of my oh-so-convincing reasons to make Pinterest your top priority, then I give up.  [But just know you're missing something epic... and I hate the word epic, so you know it must really be grand!]  And I also realisee I'm waaaay behind on the Pinterest bandwagon... I waited many infuriating months for my invite directly from Pinterest - only to find out you can join through bleepin' Facebook.  What?!  BUT I'm making up for lost time, and you should, too.

Lastly folks, enjoy the new/old blog tunes.  Nothing like a little Al Green to make ya feel good and pull on your heart strings -- kind of puts me on cloud-9 when I can get Mr. Duncan to dance with me to this.

Also, have a very happy Easter weekend.
[& here's to hoping I'll be back to blog before another 3-4 months pass - I'd like to actually try and update you on the last little bit of my life.  It's been great.]

Ok, bye now.

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