Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unusual You by Britney Spears

Today my "blog song" is by one my favorite artists, a song definitely worthy of downloading for a small fee of only 99 cents, or by other means if you prefer... brought to you by the great Britney Spears. YES, I like her and NO, I don't care if you don't, ha! Admittedly her music isn't for everyone, but you're really missing out! Your insults about her go in one ear and out the other. And come March 31, 2009, I will be seeing her in LIVE IN CONCERT! I can't wait! She's had her bad moments, but who hasn't? I'm so glad that my yelling of "Save Britney!" aloud in public places has resulted in this marvelous come back, you can thank me in cash payments. Wow... ok, I'm done.

While on the topic of my blog song, I've decided that it's getting boring. At least for me... SO every now and then will I grace you with a new song I've been listening to on repeat.

Well, I am back in Dallas finally, BUT I am really missing my Idaho friends. I love my Dallas friends, but I don't think they really understand me sometimes, but I'm glad to be back with my family, especially little ClaireBear even thought I have barely seen her, because coming back to Dallas also entails me to go back to work... actually, I'm at work right now, oh, JOY! But I have 17 minutes until freedom.

Not much to blog about, I'm waiting for my box to arrive that I shipped home because it has my watercolor paints in there, and I want to paint!!! And I might see some friends tonight... SO eventful! :)

Well, until next time. Maybe something exciting will have happened!


PS. I am having Twilight movie withdrawls! SO, I am reading the book again, for the 3rd-ish time. It never get's old. Ok bye now!


  1. Maybe because I am from Dallas I don't get you but I am so glad you are home. Maybe I do get you more than some people because I have known about your artistic prowess for over three years. You are a gem. Thanks again, three years down the road for helping decorate for Megan's wedding. Who could ever forget a cool favor like that?

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  3. HAHA I am pretty sure that I have heard you yelling "SAVE BRITNEY" in public!! oh good times! I MISS YOU TOO!!!! and I am also going through Twilight withdrawals too and I just read it again....that is the fourth time i have read it all the way through haha! And I finished New Moon in one day....i read it all day yesterday..I didn't have anything at all to do! Wow I really am a Twilight Nerd haha!

  4. Hey! How are you! Ok, so i have to tell you that I found the Twilight set out here and I took a lot of pictures and it was the coolest thing in the WORLD! We found the high school and all those scenes and and anyways, it was great. Talk to you later.