Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello from South Padre Island, TX!

So far, so good.  Maybe I should say amazing.

We've been having a ton of fun here!  It's been so nice to vacate my normal life for a little bit.  Today is 'Hump Day' of the trip, we leave in two days... I don't even want to think about that right now!!!  Yesterday we got a ripened red tan... today we used a little more sunscreen, and it definitely doesn't hurt AS much today.  You can tell which people live here because their skin is a nice leathery texture... mostly older people who have probably retired here for a bit.  I think I plan on doing that!  

It's discouraged to feed the seagulls... especially from your balcony... but we couldn't resist, and today we borrowed some bread from the continental breakfast to feed them.  I love them.

The water was a lot bluer today than it was yesterday, and it was a lot less windy, which helped significantly.  The first picture is from Monday, and the second, today - Tuesday. (This is our view from the balcony!  Beautiful!)

I know I'm still on my current vacation, but I'm already planning another trip, this time I want to head north and go back to NYC.  I love it there, too.  Anyways... that is VERY far in the future.  Anyways, this has been a little peak from our trip now, here in South Padre!  I'll probably upload more when I get back to my life in Dallas!  :)

Miss you guys back home!

So long for now! :)

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