Saturday, June 13, 2009

I should be sleeping...

...but instead I am taking to my blog in a fit of boredom.  Especially with work in about 7 hours.

Hot topic:  NYC - Even though I was there less than a week, hardly significant, I still miss being there.  And hopefully, sooner than later, I will be there again... LIVING there.

Needless to say, it's definitely on my agenda for the near future.

Aside from my NYC visions, not much else is going on.  Still just working and living!  Can't complain... except when I'm forced to do the dishes. :)

I've recently, in the last week, taken up paper mache-ing.  It's fun... messy, but fun.  We'll see if it becomes a permanent hobby, but so far so good.  I made my own paper mache paste, so far it's been a free project.  Free is good!

Nothing much else to report on.  161 more days until New Moon -- yes, I have a countdown!  And I plan on buying a new digital camera soon... a nice one... gotta save up, but I cannot wait to get one!

Also, I've recently discovered my love for this music group call 'Peter Bjorn and John'.  I can't really make music myself, but I have a huge passion for other's musical talent and I love discovering and listening to new bands, if you like mellow music with a 60s vibe, then you will hopefully like them.  Check out their album 'Writer's Block'.  I've also added a couple songs by them below... you can check them out there, too.

I hope everyone's week has been amazing!  Until next time.

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  1. whoo hoo go New Moon! If we could endure the Breaking Dawn count down we can endure the films right?? Glad all is well. Hope you get to NY like you've always wanted...and then send me lots and lots of pinkberry please :) Too bad there's only 2 stores the whole world!