Monday, December 28, 2009

Documents o' Christmas

I'm taking inspiration from NieNie and showing some of my favorite moments from Christmas in picture form, except, my pictures aren't AS good as hers... but this is more fun, isn't it?

Puddy looked mad, as usual, and licked himself instead of clawing me for taking incessant photographs of him.

Commending Dad & Claire for baking the cookies for us to annually decorate.

Chili's on Christmas eve? Best idea ever.

G-ma and G-pa = most amazing people ever!

Sweet po-Tater passed out Christmas morn after opening her gifts (one being the bone she's so sweetly napping on).

and I crossed my fingers SO hard that my one Christmas wish came true:SNOOOOOOWWWWW! I loved it. Absolutely loved it!

Not much else to say. Had a very merry Christmas and am looking forward to the weeks to come. Ready for my class to start next month! And still awaiting my camera to come in the stupid slow mail... the wait is almost unbearable.

If you're bored and interested in entertaining yourself grab these two things:
1. A dog (alive, preferably)
2. The inside tubing of your holiday wrapping paper

Next, speak thru the tube and enjoy! Pretty basic, pretty awesome... I've so far tested it on three dogs, and they each freak-out enjoy it as well. And to further attest that this is awesome you can view the video below when I tested it on Taterkins:

To clarify:
1. It's blurry, because Tater was moving at the speed of light... or it could be that I recorded it on my phone.
2. I apologize for: the "pet-voice" I do when speaking to animals and for the really loud text noise it makes mid-way thru the video. The noise frightens me every time I watch this.

Anyways, I wish you all a Happy New Year, I hope all of your Christmases were just as delightful as mine was.


  1. It's crazy that you had a white Christmas there. We did too but its normal for us. It looks like you had a nice Christmas. Loved the pictures!

  2. i love your blog design. you have not failed! you have prevailed! lol. srsly though, looks awesome :)