Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess what I finally got?

There it is, folks. Drool with me.

I hope to get some information up about doing family portraits, individual portraits, graduation pics, engagement pics... etc., etc. All in due time, but please let me know if you're at all interested in something like this. I'm very interested in your interest. And if you're able, please spread the word.

And with that, happy new year to me, I'm officially 23. Wow!


  1. I WANT A CAMERA SOOO BAD! congrats on your little techy bundle of joy!

  2. oh caiti! you will be famous in no time at all :]

  3. haaaaaaaaaappy birthday! i still want to do valentine pics with stella when you have a chance! i took some "test" pics to see what i wanted to do! im excited! for the photoshoot and your camera and your birthday!


  4. Yay Caiti! That's what I got for Christmas too! We need to practice together :) If you find any websites that are helpers let me know. And! Have you used photoshop much? I want to get better at that too! :) Love You! Sorry I am so terrible at keeping in touch, but I'm a good blogger :) Let me know on facebook if you want to see my blog, I have to add your email for you to see it :) (I went private when I got prego :)